PART I: CAS-JASIG installation under Ubuntu 12.04 (without SSL)


1.- Open a terminal as root:

# sudo su

2.- Download Tomcat:

# cd /opt
# wget

3.- Unzip the tomcat file:

# unzip

4.- Rename your TOMCAT installation:

# mv apache-tomcat-6.0.36 tomcat-server

5.- Assign permissions to “bin” folder content:

# cd tomcat-server/bin/
# chmod u+x *

6.- We also need to add a new user in order to be able to access to the “Tomcat Manager”:

# cd ..
# gedit ./conf/tomcat-users.xml

And it should looks like this:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<role rolename="admin"/>
<role rolename="manage"/>
<user username="tomcat" password="tomcat" roles="admin,manager"/>

7.- Now you can start your TOMCAT server:

# sh /opt/tomcat-server/bin/ start

II. CAS-JASIG INSTALLATION 1.- Download “CAS-Jasig” server:

# cd /opt/tomcat-server/webapps/
# wget

2.- Unzip the CAS-Jasig zip file:

# unzip
# mv cas-server-3.5.2 cas-server-source

<strong>3.- Extract the .war file into your Tomcat webapps:</strong>

# cp cas-server/modules/cas-server-webapp-3.5.2.war .
# mv cas-server-webapp-3.5.2.war cas-server.war

4.- Restart the Tomcat server:

# sh /opt/tomcat-server/bin/ stop
# sh /opt/tomcat-server/bin/ start

5.- Finally you can access to cas-server through: http://localhost:8080/cas-server/login

NOTE: By default you should be able to make simple login by using the same word for username and password (E.g.: USERNAME:hello PASSWORD:hello



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